Want to know a little about me? Bio of an aspiring artist…

Born in Athens, in 1986. Has Studied Music and Architecture and has been practising both. Attended a two-year jewellery design & manufacture course which introduced her to the world of jewelry and has participated in several exhibitions with other designers as well. Started  experimenting in the video world, urged by her need to “dress” her music compositions… Art and Design lover.

I seek for artistic expression through almost everything in a constant attempt to depict sensations, feelings and dreams. Art is an integral part of my daily life whether it is expressed through a song, a performance, an architectural inspiration and creation, through the design and configuration of space or through the design and manufacture of jewelry. All forms of artistic creation can interact so harmonically that one can revitalize, inspire and sometimes even find solutions to the problems that concern the other. Thus, a jewelry design can derive from a building inspiration, from a feeling aroused by a song, from a picture that moved me during a music tour…

I am always open to the “random”, the “subconscious” and the “instinctive”, accepting them all as a result of my personal experiences and images I carry with me . Thοse are indeed the driving forces that lead to experimentation and often to the “original” creation.

In all forms of art, aesthetics is serious issue that concerns me … In fact, it is something completely subjective, thus, something that should always be questioned and redefined so as not to remain stuck in fixed perceptions. Marva Voulgari, Architect Engineer Jewelry designer and manufacturer, Graphic Designer, Musician, but above all… a restless Artist.


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