Curved Forms

Forms made by just one curved piece of metal…

In this study, I tried to focus on simple and dinstict forms that consist of the least possible lines and materials. Forms that would never lie about their structure…
All these rings were designed and manufactured in different periods so they don’t share the same theme but I found it very interesting to present them that way as, whatever the theme and my level as a designer , this matter keeps concerning me. All these rings are made just of metal without having to go through soldering (one material and a curved line seems to be enough…)

What is also important to observe is the sense of movement these forms manage to create as they don’t seem to have either an end or a beginning… their movement creates the impression of a rather “non-finito” work of art, which can be understood  in a thousand of ways and mainly in conjuction with the lines and the forms of the body that wears it… The jewelry acquires a whole new meaning when it is worn, as the lines of  the body seem to be a continuation of its form…


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