Exhibition Stand

Design of an exhibition stand for Develime (www.develime.com), which will be showcased at Βatimat, in Paris. (www.batimat.com)
AkPraxis’ Work in Progress (www.akpraxis.gr)
3d Renderings using 3ds max and Vray

We suggested the reuse and remaking of a container, minimizing the cost of construction and its impacts on the environment. The container is coated in concrete plaster and there is a gradual dissolve of its volume that reveils its metal structure.Key elements of the concept are the rotating panels that are used for showcasing the company’s products and at the same time they lead the visitor’s view to the inside, at the wall with the fish theme, made of stencil. The ramp, which is also a stencil showcasing surface, is a smooth transition from the exhibition space to the inside, making it possible even for people with disabilities to wander inside the exhibition stand.


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